At O Dinis we pride ourselves on serving authentic Portuguese cuisine made with only the finest and freshest ingredients.

While our menu features classic dishes and favorites that are available every day, you’ll find our specials change quite frequently based on seasonally available produce and especially on what the boats brought into the docks that morning for local fish and shellfish. Many of our guests come for the specials and know that fresh fish make up a large portion of our choices each day.

Some of the dishes you may find on any given day include black sea bass, red perch, hake, swordfish, tuna, and salmon.  We also have Cuttlefish on special often when it is available.

O Dinis is also known for the following traditional specials, but please understand, like the fish specials, they may or may not be offered based on what is available:

Sopa do Dia ~ Soup of the day

Please ask for the soup of the day – changes daily


Tripe & Beans OR Feijoada*


Polvo Guisado ~ Braised Octopus*


Coelho Assado ~ Roasted Rabbit*

Cabrito Assado ~ Braised Goat*


Polvo à lagareiro ~ Octopus*

*The above dishes are examples of typical O Dinis specials. They may or may not be available. Feel free to call ahead if you’d like to know the specials being served.

O Dinis is known for our Monday “Fado” Music Nights


Fish Stew at O Dinis

Fish Stew

whole red perch fried at O Dinis Restaurant

Fried Whole Red Perch

Fried Hake at O Dinis

Fried Hake

O Dinis Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass

Aperitivos ~ Appetizers

Source: Gina Mastrostefano @ginalaurenpvd

Amêijoas à Espanhola

Littlenecks steamed in a tomato and onion sauce

Camarão Alhinho

Sautéed shrimp in a butter, garlic and lemon sauce

Camarão Alhinho

Amêijoas à Bulhão de Pato

Littlenecks steamed in a white wine and garlic sauce

Chouriço Grelhado

Grilled Portuguese sausage

Sanduiches ~ Sandwiches

Prego no Pão c/ batata frita

Steak sandwich with French fries

Bifana c/ batata frita

Pork filet sandwich with French fries

Chouriço e pimenta verde c/ batata frita

Chouriço & pepper sandwich with French fries

Peixe c/ batata frita

Fish sandwich with French fries

Carne e Peixe ~ Meat and Fish

Bife à Casa

Pan-seared sirloin steak in a beer and garlic sauce served with French fries, fried egg, and rice

Bife à Chefe

Grilled sirloin steak with a fried egg, French fries, and rice


Pan-seared junior size sirloin steak in a beer and garlic sauce served with French fries, egg and rice

Lombinhos na Brasa

Grilled marinated pork cutlets

Carne de Porco Alentejana

Marinated pork and fried potatoes with steamed littlenecks

Galinha à Alentejana

Marinated chicken and fried potatoes with steamed littlenecks

Filetes Dourados

Fillets of fish lightly floured and fried

Peito de Galinha Grelhado

Grilled boneless chicken breast in a wine, butter, and garlic sauce

Peito de Galinha Grelhado com Camarão

Grilled boneless chicken breast in a spicy sauce with shrimp

Gambas à Lá Planche

Grilled jumbo shrimp served in a garlic, butter, and lemon sauce

Espeta da de Camarão e Lulas

Grilled shrimp and squid on a Kabob topped with our shrimp sauce

Camarão à Alhinho

Shrimp sautéed in a spiced garlic and lemon sauce, served with French fries & rice

Bacalhau na Brasa

Grilled salted cod with boiled potatoes topped with garlic and onions sautéed in olive oil

Natalia Paiva-Neves Salted Cod recipe from O Dinis Restaurant HZ

Bacalhau na Brasa

Bife a Casa

Camarão à Alhinho


Carne de Porca Alentejana

Special Holiday Menus

O Dinis often has special menus for holidays. These menus change each year, so check back frequently.

Mothers Day 2021 »

Easter 2021 »

New Year’s Day Menu 2022 »

O Dinis Catering

Want to serve authentic Portuguese cuisine at your next gathering without actually having to spend the day in the kitchen? Let O Dinis prepare family-style trays of delicious food for your next event.

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